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Finally! An Effective Method for Getting Unstuck With Your Goals And Experiencing the Success You Really Want!
WARNING: After Watching This Entire Training, You Will NEVER Look at Weight Loss in the Same Way Again!

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Consider For A Moment That Everything You Think You Know 
About Accomplishing Your Health Goals Could Be WRONG!
The One and Only Reason Why We Ever Feel Frustrated 
Or Stuck is Because We Are FIXATED ON ACHIEVEMENT!
What If There Was a Different Approach? One That Both Helped Us To Feel Happier Right Now AND Helped Us To Have More Success With Our Goals?
My Entire Life Turned Around, And All I Want To Do 
Now Is Help Others Who Feel Stuck Like I Did!
My Entire Life Turned Around,
And All I Want To Do Now Is Help Others Who Feel Stuck Like I Did!
I can honestly tell you that I'm more successful with my goals now than I've EVER been in my life. And more importantly, I'm HAPPIER than I've ever been. 

However...even though my life is radically different now, I DO NOT forget how difficult and painful it can be when we feel stuck.

I remember it every day. I MAKE SURE  I remember it...because the struggle I've gone through is literally what DRIVES me to help others who are struggling.

And the interesting thing about this is turns out that all those years of trial and error that I went through was a BLESSING in disguise.

Because through it, I was able to create a radically different program for SETTING goals...and TAKING ACTION on our goals...than anything I've EVER  seen before.

And this program is not only what I used  to turn my own life around, but it's greatest benefit is that it helps others to turn their life around MUCH MORE QUICKLY than I did!
Introducing the...
The Complete System Designed to Help You Go From
Frustration to Transformation, and Experience Lasting Success!

What's In The Program?
The system I created teaches you a radically different way of PERCEIVING your weight loss goals in a way that will help you to REBALANCE what keeps you stuck.

In this course, I teach you everything you need to know about understanding your GOAL EMOTIONS and I'll show you how to approach your goals in a way that is incredibly FULFILLING.
  • You will learn all about my new model for healthy living called The Three Pillars of Health, that shows the interconnectedness of all the aspects of your life, and will give you a clarity that you've never had before. 
  • You'll learn how to OVERCOME the 3 Fundamental OBSTACLES to health: Obesity, Weakness and Resistance to Change.
  • You'll discover how to  follow a nutrition program WITHOUT cutting out ANY foods, and have it be WAY MORE EFFECTIVE!
  • You'll see the root causes of the vicious cycles we experience, and issues like self-sabotage. And you'll see them so clearly, that their solutions will be immediately obvious.
  • I will give you my step-by-step system, where you will learn about the six essential practices for creating long-lasting health, so that you can look great, feel confident, and experience real success with all your goals.
Here's a description of what's in the program:
Module 1:
Intro + The "One Thing" That Keeps Us Stuck
In module 1, we lay the foundation. We’ll start with an overview of how to use this program for optimal results, and then we'll dive deep into the ONE AND ONLY thing that ever causes us to feel stuck with our goals. Although this one thing is very simple, we’ll see how it influences EVERY area of our lives, and ultimately creates all the complex obstacles that we deal with. 

We’ll then discuss an entirely new approach to our goals...both in how we look at them, and how we take action towards them. This new approach will help us to reverse, or undo, the one thing that makes us feel stuck, so that we can finally understand and become clear on what it really takes to experience the long term success that we want!
Modules 2-7:
The 6 Essential Practices of Health
Now that we understand the roots of our obstacles, and have a new, more effective approach to working on our goals, we are ready to discuss the day-to-day practices that help us to actually take this greater understanding and put it into action. 

The 6 Essential Practices of Health are exactly what they sound like…they are essential. What this means is that whenever long-term success occurs, ALL SIX of these practices are always present! 

In modules 2-7, we’ll discuss each of these practices in great detail, show how they reinforce our new approach with our goals, and start to build the framework for how we can use them in our everyday lives.
Module 8:  
The 3 Pillars of Health Model
Now that we've laid the foundation, we’re ready to move onto practical application. In module 8, we’ll discuss the 3 Pillars of Health, which is a radically new model for success that breaks our life down into its three broad areas, and shows how they are related to each other. Seeing this interconnectedness of all the different aspects of our life helps us to develop a broad strategy with specific goals, and to see avenues of approach that we couldn’t see before. This naturally allows us to get out of our “tunnel vision”…the rut we get stuck in, when we think our options are limited. Through the 3 Pillars of Health model, we’re able to see how we can take action on our specific goals…but in every area of our lives.
Modules 9-11:
 The 3 Obstacles of Health and their Solutions
There are many different kinds of challenges that we can be dealing with. However, when we look deeply at the nature of our challenges, regardless of what they are, they can all be simplified down to 3 fundamental types of obstacles. In modules 9 through 11, we’ll dive straight into these obstacles, and look at them closely…discovering how they come about, how they show up differently in each of the 3 Pillars of Health, and the 3 fundamental solutions that help to alleviate them and restore balance to our lives. 
Modules 12-14:
Empowered Goal Setting, Assessments, and Goal Cultivation Planner
In modules 12 through 14, we’ll put it all together! We’ll take everything we learned in the previous modules, and put it into a simple and effective system that we can use in our everyday lives. We’ll start by going through an empowered goal-setting workshop, where we’ll not only set our goals, but also set up the specific framework that will help us to stay inspired while taking our “goal actions” on a daily basis. Next, we’ll go through personal assessments to see how the fundamental obstacles of health express themselves specifically in our own lives. And lastly, we’ll put all of this into the Goal Cultivation Planner, which will help us to prioritize our activities, stay organized, track our progress, and most importantly...
help us to FEEL INSPIRED on a daily basis, while we take action.
Faith Shevlin, 
Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach
"Insightful, Mind-Blowing Wisdom Into the
Journey of Health and Well-Being"

"David offers insightful, mind-blowing wisdom into the journey of health and well-being.
It doesn't have to be a journey of struggle, frustration, and defeat."
Victoria Larsen, 
Former Training Client & Esthetician 
"I Immediately Started Practicing the Second
Principle and Saw Great Results."
"The principles in this work not only help with getting healthy physically, but mentally as well. Not your typical self help work. I immediately started practicing the second principle and saw great results. 

I'm slowly introducing all the principles and allowing myself grace as I embark on this new journey. I've suggested this to other people I think could benefit from it as well. It really is great. I highly suggest it!"
Autumn Smith, 
Co-Founder of PaleoValley
"David Educated Me, Inspired Me and Gave Me the Tools to Take Those Critical Next Steps Towards My Goals"

"What I love most about David's work is that he takes behaviors that we all engage in AND that are incredibly destructive to our goals, wellbeing and relationships and gives them a vocabulary. He articulates the patterns of self-sabotage so precisely, that reading his book was truly an epiphany for me. He provides incredible guidance as to how to foster more appropriate and beneficial behavior patterns that are the bedrock of transformation. 

His revolutionary insights and humility cannot be ignored. And his desire to better the life of others is palpable. His book educated me, inspired me and gave me the tools to take those critical next steps towards my goals. I tell all my clients and everyone I love about his work and I could not recommend it more highly!"
Max Shank, 
Fitness Training Professional, Author of “Ultimate Athleticism” & “Master the Kettlebell,” and Owner of Ambition Athletics Gym
"What I Like Most About This is That it Works From the Inside Out, Instead of the Outside in"

"What I like most about this is that it works from the inside out, instead of the outside in. Being an experienced professional in the fitness industry, I've seen how difficult it can be for some people to
"get their mind right" when it comes to fitness and health. This is a great foundation for doing just that."
Sean Croxton, 
Fitness Educator and Creator of the Health Podcast, Underground Wellness Radio
"David Zappasodi’s Six Essential Principles Get
to the Very Heart of the Matter"

"Something has been missing in the health and wellness industry, where quick fixes and short-term results abound. David Zappasodi’s six essential principles get to the very heart of the matter, creating a new awareness for healing the body and mind from the inside out."
So, are you ready?
Are you ready 
to take back control of your health, and transform
your life into the one you desire and deserve? 
Are you ready 
to finally lose weight and feel joyful, fulfilled, and successful?

If the answer is "yes," then let's do this!
The Empowered Health Program
Premium Hard Copy Edition + Full Digital Access
Own your own copy of the Empowered Health DVD Program  +
Get Full Digital Access to the Empowered Health Program's VIP Member’s Area.
All For Only $97 
I understand that I make this investment at no risk.  
If within 30 days I don’t love this program,
I can let you know and get a full refund.

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Josh Trent,
 Host of Wellness Force Radio and Holistic Life Coach
"The Ways in Which My Coaching Practice and My Own Self-Care + Self-Love Practice are Now Fundamentally Shifted"
"David's work has truly raised my life game! After over 10 years in the health and wellness industry David’s work came along and rocked my world. The mental strategies and different faculties of which this touches on are second to none. The ways in which my coaching practice and my own self-care + self-love practice are now fundamentally shifted.

They have been profound. The cycles of avoidance and aggression discussed in his work apply to every single human being on the face of the earth in the way that we show up in our health behaviors, and in our emotional constructs. This work is now something I would recommend to each and every one of my new clients as a way for introspection and healing to occur throughout the weight loss process."
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